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About US


Diesel Trucks And Us

DieselTraderOnline.com is owned by Not A Moment Too Soon, LLC (NAMTS).   The two managing members of NAMTS, and also currently the entire staff of DieselTraderOnline.com is comprised of my Wife and I - Jerod & Lacey Watson (Pictured Right).  Our relationship to the diesel truck world has been an unexpected but happy unification.

Since I was 16 I had owned a gas powered truck and didn't know any different.  It wasn't until my Father-In-Law (Lacey's Dad) was thinking about buying a diesel truck, that I was introduced to the diesel truck world.

Being a pretty savvy Internet user, I took on the job of hunting for a good used diesel truck for my Father-In-Law.  After days of searching and getting to know the prices of used diesel trucks, I came across what I felt was a bargain!  A 1999 Ford F-250 SD Super Cab 4x4.  I quickly told my Father-In-Law about it, but he didn't have time to go look at it right away since it was about 3 hours away.

Being the good Son-In-Law that I am, I offered to take a "Sunday Drive" and go and check it out for him.  In the mean time I "Blue Booked" it and found it to be $3,000 under low "Blue Book"!  There was no picture of it so this worried me a little.  But after speaking to the seller, he gave me enough confidence in it to take a drive and at least check it out.  So off we went!

When my wife and I got there, we saw right away why it hadn't sold yet.  It was pretty ugly with unneeded accessories and hadn't been washed in a long time.  We found out that the owner was a Mobile Veterinarian and had bought another truck already to take on his expanding business.  To him this truck was beautiful and he even called it "Ol Blue".  He couldn't see why it hadn't sold yet, but was very desperate to get it sold.  We test drove it and knew that we had to get this truck before someone else realized what a bargain it was.  We figured that the worst case scenario would be that we would buy it, Lacey's Dad wouldn't want it, and we would remove some of the accessories, wash it, then sell it and make a quick couple grand!

How could we lose?  If Lacey's Dad likes it, I'm the good Son-In-Law for finding him a bargain.  If he doesn't, we make some easy money.  It was a no brainer! 

We ended up offering the owner $1,000 less than he was asking for "Ol Blue".  To our surprise he took our offer!  We were elated to say the least.


Lacey and I In Grand Teton National Park


"OL' Blue"

The next thing that happened we never saw coming, not even for a minute.  I drove the truck home while my wife drove our other vehicle home.  Something magical happened on that 3 hour ride home.  I absolutely fell in love with that truck!  I couldn't believe the power it had, and something about the sound of that diesel engine just floored me!

When we arrived home I told my wife about my experience.  She rode with me and really took a liking to the truck also.  We were sold on diesel trucks from then on.  Not only was there more power, but the truck got better fuel mileage than the same truck in a gas model.  How could you beat that?

It was right then that we decided to keep the truck and tell my Father-In-Law that he missed out!  I didn't care that I would become the bad Son-In-Law....It was worth it!  Lucky for me, he decided not to get a diesel truck after all.  Funny how things work out!

I liked this diesel truck so much that I decided to sell my 1999 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab 4x4 that I had bought just 6 months earlier.  I liked that truck a lot too.  There was never a doubt in my mind after driving my first diesel truck home.

My wife and I have been diesel truck fans ever since.  We have taken our truck on numerous road trips, camping trips, and lots of other places and still enjoy it as much as the day we first drove it home.  It now has 193,000 + miles!


The Birth Of This Website

You might be wondering how the idea of DieselTraderOnline.com was born.  If you aren't, then I'm going to tell you anyway! :-) 

My wife and I own several web business's and are always brainstorming new ideas for websites.  For a while I had been trying to figure out a way to marry my love of Internet business with my love of diesel trucks.  I had remembered the hard time I had finding a diesel truck when looking through online classified ads.  If the ad didn't say diesel in the headline (most didn't) then you would have to waste a ton of time browsing through trucks you weren't interested in.  Eventually you would run across one here and there, but boy was it frustrating!

This is when the idea was born for this site.  I thought that if I was having this much trouble finding a diesel truck, then other people must be too.  So, I decided to develop a site that was strictly advertising diesel trucks, making it a breeze to find the diesel truck your looking for. 

During the development process other ideas popped in my head.  I wondered if visitors looking for a diesel truck would also be interested in being involved in a diesel community.  Only time will tell about this, but ideas in the works include a community forum, a classified section for parts and accessories, a gallery for users, contests, articles, and anything else that diesel truck owners feel they might benefit from. 

The hope is to make this site the number one all around diesel site on the Internet.  You can help this cause by telling everyone that might be interested, and also by submitting suggestions to us.  If you have a good idea that hasn't been mentioned yet please feel free to email us at admin (at) dieseltraderonline.com .

Thanks for reading this to the end and check back often for new features and updates.  We look forward to getting to know you and everyone else in the diesel community.

Best regards,

Jerod Watson

NAMTS Managing Member

President DieselTraderOnline.com




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