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DTO News


07/15/2009 - 3:36pm PST:

Did You Know?

Including a picture in your DTO ad can exponentially increase the number of page views that your diesel truck receives.  This happens for a couple reasons.  First, an ad with a picture naturally catches a potential buyer's eye better than an ad without a picture.  Second, and the biggest reason, is that ads with pictures are inserted into our DTO Home Page Featured Ad Rotation.  We only include those ads with pictures.  Ads without pictures are not featured and therefore not seen on our home page.  So if you are considering placing an ad, or have already placed an ad on Diesel Trader Online, make sure to include a picture!

DTO Admin



01/05/2009 - 3:51pm PST:

Happy New Year From The Staff At DTO-

The DTO staff extends it's warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009.  We hope that all your Diesel Truck wishes come true this year and that our site is helpful to you in some way in 2009. 

DTO Admin



08/14/2008 - 3:36pm PST:

DTO Brings Back FREE Homepage Featured Ads-

We recently began charging $29.95 for our Front Page Featured Ads.  After implementing this change we were bothered by it a bit.   Our intentions from the beginning have been to create a different kind of classified site than most you see out there today.  Obviously we are different because we specialize in advertising only diesel trucks for sale, but we are also different because we take pride in creating a site where everybody wins.   The buyer is able to browse through truck ads that are only diesels, saving them both time and frustration, all for free.  The seller can place their diesel truck for sale in front of a laser targeted buying audience, also all for free.  We (the publisher) win because we make money from our advertisers.

Which brings us to our point.  When we decided to implement the new ad pricing structure we soon realized that we were steering away from our original vision.  We knew we had to do something but weren't sure what.  At the same time we couldn't ignore the fact that we are a business, and businesses are in business to make money.  So we had to find some way to meet in the middle.  We did a few weeks of brainstorming and think we have found a way to satisfy everybody.

Effective immediately we have brought back the FREE Homepage Featured Ads.  To make up for the revenue lost by this we will be implementing a few things that you may notice on the site over time.  Plans include banner advertising, text link advertising and a few other shameless revenue generating promotions.  This was the best option we could think of to keep the site on track with our original vision.

Now sellers will get even more exposure for FREE helping to get their diesel truck sold faster.  Buyers will benefit from more ads available for view on the home page and more selection.  We will benefit by increased revenue and keeping our original vision in tact.  Everybody Wins!

DTO Admin



03/13/2008 - 3:24pm PST::

DTO Introduces the Ability to View Category Specific Diesel Trucks For Sale on eBay Without Leaving the DTO Site-

With the popularity of DTO continuing to rise, the staff of DTO decided to enhance the user experience of the site.  Effective immediately, users can now view diesel trucks that are for sale on eBay right from the DTO site!  Users can search by make and model to find diesel trucks for sale on the eBay website.  The 75 newest diesel trucks in each category can be viewed from DTO, and listings are updated in real time.  When a user finds a truck that he is interested in, he just has to click on it and a new window will open up that will take him to the eBay page with the truck details on it. Now users can look at diesel trucks available on DTO and on eBay all from the same place.  We look forward to your feedback!  View Diesel Trucks on eBay Now!

DTO Admin



12/04/07 - 2:07pm PST:

DTO's Popularity is Skyrocketing! -

DTO Admin



02/21/07 - 12:00pm PST::

Recent Fraudulent Listings Found On DTO -

An alert DTO user emailed us stating that he had found a diesel truck on DTO with a price that seemed too good to be true - and that the seller was out of the country and wanted a Western Union Wire Transfer sent to him for payment of the truck.  After doing some research, the DTO staff tracked down numerous listings posted by this fraud and deleted them. 

When shopping for, or selling a diesel truck on DTO or anywhere else on the Internet, please be careful and know who you're dealing with.  Look for red flags such as the other party being out of the country or answering emails with a different name than was listed on the ad (if buying).  For buyers - If the price seems too good to be true then it probably is.  If buying a truck that isn't local, or selling to a another party that isn't local - use a third party escrow company to hold funds.  Most of all just trust your gut and use common sense.

Remember that when buying or selling a truck online you are responsible for your actions.  Sites like DTO and others who provide a service for buyers and sellers to meet, can't help you after the fact.  Before releasing your funds to the seller (if you are the buyer) - or your truck (if you are the seller) - you need to take all steps available to investigate the other party as being a trustworthy participant in the deal.  You are ultimately the one responsible if you are subject to a fraudulent transaction.  Please review the DTO Terms of Service if you would like further clarification.

If you find a seller or a buyer that you suspect is fraudulent, please notify the DTO staff immediately through our Contact Us link.

DTO Admin



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